Stud Fee $450 (At the farm)
Cooled semen shipping additional costs:
Collection and handling $150
Overnight Shipping $90

Ironsides has many attribute that all are select jacks have:
Model Jack head, small jaw line, light bone over the eyes, no rounding of the muzzle (roman nose). The area he most stands out in is his lack of dominance in color coding your next mule colt. Equine color genetics are disproved when it comes to Jackasses. Their color normally overpowers the mares. Ironsides' is a unique gray grula unlike a normal gray Jack. The school of thought is that the lack of color in the Jack is what you need to throw the buckskins, camelas and palominos out of your light colored mares. If you look close you can make out, through his winter coat, the blaze on his face. He also carries white on his lower neck, belly and legs. Look closely at his exceptionally tight and hooked ears. What is difficult to see are his fine features due to his winter coat. Whatever the color of your mare, using Ironsides will surely produce something special in the color arena.

Irons Sides is reasonably priced (call or e-mail for current pricing)

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