At 14 years old, Adeline has more finish than a lot of mules, because she comes back to us from a very satisfied previous customer who’s hanging up his saddle due to advanced age. Although her old partner is ready to retire, Adeline is just coming into the prime of her life and she’s ready for her next adventure! Did you know a saddle mule rides into their 30s

Adeline is very kind and surefooted, always looking out for her rider’s emotional state and comfort.  Because of her extensive experience, she is a confident ride, and doesn’t rely on the rider’s confidence for her to have some of her own.  Things that spook other mules just make her stop and look. She trusts herself and her own judgement, which means she’s equally comfortable in the rugged back country as she is on the trail or down the side of the road.  She’s happy to go forward, but is so in tune with her rider’s wishes that it’s clear the rider’s in charge.  Her gaits are smooth and comfortable and she’s easy to keep in gait. She’s also voice command trained!  Adeline’s gaits have a shorter stride than some gaited mules - this can be a bonus for people with tight back muscles as there’s less swing and less movement in the saddle. In other words, she’s built for comfort, not for speed!


On the trail, she’ll go where you point her, but her brain is actively engaged the whole time.  She’s always thinking about where to put her feet. It’s like having a co-pilot!  Of course she’s a great little trail mule that does everything right, and has seen and done it all, and we can brag on her all day just like all our other top notch mollies, but her mind really sets her apart.  Most mollies like people and want to take care of their riders.  Adeline takes this to a whole new level.  She has an uncanny ability to assess whatever rider she has in the saddle, and give them the kind of ride they’d most appreciate.


Most people that need a mule don’t need a mule like this, even if they need a “grandma mule” or a “babysitter” mule.  But for those folks that really crave a true partner, and not just “a mule,” Adeline is an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day.  Our previous customers don’t give up their mules lightly!