Nicki is a thinking mule, level-headed and nearly impossible to surprise on the trail or the road. Deer, trucks, tractors, dogs, the UPS man… nothing much bothers her.. On the rare occasion something concerns her, she holds her ground and has a good look. That’s the advantage of cooperation-based training - when a mule grows up trusting humans, they are more confident when confronted with potentially scary things. Just like you’d expect from a top-notch Missouri Mule Co. alumni, Quickie Nickie has it ALL: Looks, brains, superior gaits, and all the training required to make her into the best mule she was born to be! So, if you like speed, and you’re still looking for that rare partner that can thrill you but still take care of you, you’d better act fast before someone snaps her up.


Nicki is a friendly, affectionate Molly who truly enjoys the attention and company of people. She’d appreciate a rider, or a family of riders, who like to have a good relationship with their mounts as more than just a work animal. Although she has a great work ethic and doesn’t make a pest of herself, it’s clear she’d like to be your pet AND your best buddy - not JUST your ride. She doesn’t play favorites and likes everyone - men, women, kids - equally. While she’s kind enough to handle a complete novice rider without taking advantage, she’s thrilled with and appreciates a rider tjat puts her through all her gears.