Missouri's gold rush

11 year old
TWH-bred with Racking Gaits
14.2 hands, sleek build
Under saddle, Blondie rides like a Missouri Fox Trotter. Her gaits are clean with an excellent flat foot walk that’s easy to ride at any speed.  On the trail she is a spook-free, gait and obstacle machine! Haul her off property and she’ll take you anywhere you want to go, from side of the highway to the roughest back country trail or even right into the creek.

Her size and color make her a hot commodity.  She’d be a good choice for a big person who needs a tall and thick mule, and has confidence in the saddle because she’ll test a new rider.   She’s happy to ride around home, and in the arena, but sometimes takes some convincing to ride off property.  Blondie has her own opinions and just isn’t cut out to be a babysitter, but that’s ok.  Experienced riders that need a good using mule will love her anyway.  She might be an especially perfect fit for field trialers or anyone who rides off site a lot and rough country. Want a mule that’s good with obstacles? Well, here you go!.


Running Lie down to mount
Riding a winter day

Fox Trot

Flat Foot Walk
Fox Trot in field