Miss Kentucky

Like all our mules here, Miss Kentucky has had the benefit of lots of real-life experience in some of the most rugged and varied terrain in the US.  She’s climbed rocks, waded creeks, crested dunes, been in mud to her knees and pushed through dense underbrush.  She will go - carefully - wherever you point her.  She’s used to tractors, cars, golf carts and goofy dogs and other livestock, and not concerned by much of anything.

Although “slow and steady” is Miss Kentucky’s personal motto, it’s worth a mention that her gaits are really nice!  Lots of times a gaited horse or mule that’s laid back is also pacy and kind of lazy, and their gait quality suffers for it, but this is absolutely not the case here.  Miss Kentucky has a long stride which gives her a nice, comfortable set of gaits from her flatfoot walk all the way to her running walk. She’s easy to keep in gait, and a glide-ride at every speed. Even though she can strut her stuff and keep up with the gaited ones, she’s happy to slow it down and poke along with the non-gaited horses and mules, too.


Miss Kentucky is a dream to handle on the ground, loves everyone and - like many mollies - would really like to be someone’s pet and well as their mount.  Catch, tack, clip, shoe, load - all a breeze, and she doesn’t mind having her ears played with.  She stands like a statue for mounting, and also parks out for mounting to help out the shorter folks.... At 15.2 hands, she’s a big, stout, substantial girl.