Ozark Ridge Runner


We’ll get this out of the way right now. You wouldn’t hand the keys to a Ferrari to a 16 year old kid, and you wouldn’t throw a novice rider up on Ozark Ridge Runner (Alias Leroy).  He’s just too quick! That being said, if you’re looking for a mule that’s going to check all the boxes for a serious rider who demands serious performance from their backcountry mule, buckle up!  Leroy is the ORIGINAL Ozark Ridge Runner.  He’s utterly fearless, eager and forward without being chompy at the bit, and can turn the speed on and off in any terrain without getting wound up and not coming back down.  A bit of a daredevil, he’s going to go wherever you point him.  This means up, over, under, or through literally anything - and has the real life experience of mules three times his age. From off trail ridong to creek crossings, he’s right there with no second guessing or hesitation!  Leroy has been bullwhip broke - desensitized to all kinds of handling, livestock and farm activities - you can climb all over him, slide off his rear, carry a flag and all that fun stuff.  He also parks out to mount, which comes in handy for opening and closing gates after long days in the saddle.


On the ground he’s kind of a nice guy!  Leroy has impeccable ground manners, is easy to catch, handle and shoe, and genuinely likes all kinds of people without expecting to be the center of attention. Friendly, but still businesslike- it’s as though he knows he’s there to work, not to play. .


Under saddle, Leroy’s gaits are clean, stylish, and easy to find at any speed. They’re flashy to look at, smooth to ride and uncomplicated. If you close your eyes, you’ll think you’re riding a top of the line, trail-bred Tennessee Walker.

Ones like Leroy don’t come along every day. Get your inquiry in quickly if you think he might be your guy!