When faced with trail obstacles and dicey footing situations, Mr. Sam really shines.  He’s cautious and careful with where he puts his feet, really keeping his mind in the game.  He’s also perfectly willing to be the leader for other youngsters, when he’s trying trying to please a rider he trusts. In the event of unexpected surprises like phasants and deer bursting out of cover, he startles in place and looks, but doesn’t “spook.


Sammy is the kind of mule that welcomes pats and scratches when they’re offered, but isn’t going to fall all over himself trying to get attention. With more one-on-one attention, handling and groundwork, he may find a bestst friend for life!  Our hunch is that at this stage he’d really be a once in a lifetime find for the “do-it-yourself rider” with some experience and confidence in the saddle. If you’ve got the basic skills, his uncomplicated personality and easy to find gaits would make him a great option even if you’ve never had a mule before, or if you’re new to gaited mounts as well. His price will go up substantially as his training advances, so this is a great opportunity to get a show-stopping young mule from proven parents and siblings for a lot less money than you’d have to pay for one of his older brothers!