Vacation the USA through the ears of a Missouri Mule!

The worlds legendary Missouri Mules have always had a highly esteemed reputation. That reputation was earned by applying its ability to help man compete and win on the battlefield or the cotton fields. Man has utilized this hybrid from the time Solomon road David’s She Mule to be anointed king of the Israelites all the way to the settlement of the wild west and after that the mule traversed two world wars. As they assisted man, they won his heart and soul. Now, after decades of developing excellent gaited mares and fine jack stock you have the privilege of sitting atop the safest gaited trail mounts ever produced.
A hybrid we call the "Gaited Missouri Mule"

free, free at last !!

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Miss Tennessee

6 Year Old Racking mule with a level head.
14.1 hands

“Bold, Forward-Going, Smooth Gaited, Daredevil of a Trail Mule.” 8 Year old 14.2 hand John

They say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”... but we think that maybe Cole is!  This John mule comes with all the luxury appointments - his smoky grey coat is the same shade as a silver fox coat, plus he has 4 high socks as a bonus- kind of a fancy “4 on the floor,” so to speak!


Like any high-end off-road vehicle, he offers up the smoothest, sportiest ride out there.  He’s got the gait distribution from his Tennessee Walker dam - comfortable and ground-covering flat walk, and an easy smooth and powerful running walk as you move him up in speed.  If you’ve been craving an eye catching and unique trail or work partner that will turn heads everywhere you go, while keeping you sitting smooth and comfortable in the saddle, Cole’s got it all!

If you like extreme sports like distance riding, field trialing or rock climbing, you’re in luck! Cole has the endurance to go ALL day, making him a great choice for endurance-based sports, or as a work partner or a field trial mule.  His strong, solid build gives lots of strength without excessive bulk, and he can pack a heavy rider while his ground covering smooth saddle gaits eat up the miles with ease

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$9500 $8400

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Haley's Comet

Racking Molly 4 year old 15.1 hands

$16000(Learn more about Haley

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Miss. Kentucky

Sweet, Smooth and Sure footed Baby-sitter Molly!
Miss Kentucky is a Black Molly Mule
9 years old
Tennessee Walker Mare x Gaited Jack
15.2 hands, sturdy medium build

“Miss Kentucky” is the kind of molly we’ve built our business and reputation on - the kind of mule that repeat customers ask for, referral customers expect, and people that have looked everywhere else can never seem to find.


Miss Kentucky would be a great fit for most of the people that come looking on our site.  She’d also make a great family mule because she doesn’t play favorites - whoever is in the saddle at that moment is her new best friend!
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Alex is a knock out We have owned him for 6 of his 7 yeaRS. iF EVER YOU WANTED TO TURN HEADS IN AND OUT OF THE SHOW RING HERE IS THE GUY THAT CAN FILL YOUR DREAMS. 15.1 hands

Drop dead gorgeous, gaited, and easy to ride spotted John mule. If you’ve been looking for the flashes ever, THIS could be the one you’ve been dreaming of!

If you’ve been looking for a gaited mule, but have been holding out for something truly unique, Alex might just be the one you’ve been waiting for.  He has a way about him that makes you feel like a million bucks in the saddle - a “look at me” attitude that you can FEEL.  He knows he’s something special, and he’s waiting for the right life and people to appreciate all that he has to offer.
Trail Riding

Let’s face it… if you’ve made it to our page, it’s clear you appreciate mules with real training, floating gaits, that perform an easy glide-ride over all kinds of trail terrain. You probably know that not every gaited mount is wired to lope or canter well - but Alex can!  In fact, he’s surprisingly good at at, considering how strongly gaited he is.  It’s very easy to find ALL his “gears”... walk, running walk, canter… he flows nicely from one to another without any hitch or awkwardness throughout all his up and down speed transitions.  He’d be a lot of fun for someone who wants to canter/lope, but values safety and comfort over blinding speed.
Short Lope Video

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Now, even if Alex came in a plain brown wrapper, (which he doesn’t!) he’d still knock your socks off.  This John mule is a trail riding machine with a great work ethic, and a kind,  non-reactive disposition.  This is the kind of personality that handles surprises out on the trail with a head full of sense and the kind of mule that grows with and becomes part of the family over time.



ROCK SOLID 7 year old gaited John, former Disabled Vet's Mount!
8 Year Old Tennesse Walking Horse Bred Mule
15.2 hands build stout

A former alumni of our Mule Boot Camp, “Gentle Ben” left the Missouri Mule Co. a few years ago with a lot of specialized training under his belt to do a very unusual job that not every mule - (even the best of the best) - can do. Despite his rather young age at the time, Ben’s first job was as trail riding mount for a nature-loving Quadriplegic!  Recently, due to ongoing health issues  Ben’s rider had to hang up his saddle for good. Rather than retiring Ben to a lazy life as a pasture pet (when the best years of his life are still ahead of him!) he made the hard decision to return Ben to us, so he can go on to help another rider achieve their dream of hitting the trails again!

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Ozark Ridge Runner

Fearless Daredevil Lead Mule -Confident Rider’s Dream!
Leroy is a Bay John Mule with flashy matching hind stockings
5 years old
Tennessee Walker Mare x Gaited Jack
14.3 hands, refined and stylish with gorgeous head.

Right now, this absolute machine of a john mule has everything an experienced gaited rider would want - and I mean EVERYTHING!  The perfect size, the flashy markings, the uncompromising gait quality, the “down and dirty” trail skills… AND something not every john mule possesses - the potential and talent to eventually mature into a solid “beginner-friendly” ride, as well.   At only 4 years old, it’s easy to forget Leroy’s isn't the Trail Bosses Mount that’s going to continue to get better and better.  This makes him a pretty hot commodity for a few different situations.  Many mature riders look for a young mule just like this to carry them through a few decades and into their golden years in comfort, safety and style. Like many of the finer things in life, a good mule only gets better with age! Also, active riding families  with many up and coming young riders like mules like Leroy.  Right now, the adults can enjoy him and put the kind of polish they want on him, and by the time the kids are ready to take their riding seriously, he’all be ready to step up and take on the youngsters on back country adventures as well.
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14.2 hands, medium athletic built body” is a Black and brown John Mule with a light nose and dark points and a star that elongates into a thin stripe.
4 years old
Reining-Bred Mare x our Athletic Jack

Sales Description: Athletic & Cowy John Mule out of Prize-Winning Reining Mare
If you’re looking for a mule that was born to work cattle for a living, you’ve hit the jackpot!  Over the last year, Scooby has graduated from arena training, and has moved into the workforce as a productive member of society.  There’s no other way to say it - This mule moves cows!  Day in, day out and ALL day!  Between our training, and his natural aptitude, Scooby has developed into a hard working partner… the kind of mule you can chase cows with all day, and will be there, begging you to catch him the next morning to do it all again!  

Although Scooby isn’t a gaited trail mule (like the vast majority of our stock) a lot of care and planning went into his creation and development. He was bred, born and raised here at the Missouri Mule Co. with a very specific job in mind - reining. “Scooby” and his siblings have had the benefit of all the early training we bestow upon our MMCO our “Playpen” youngsters.  Check out our “Playpen” page for details, but rarely will you ever find young mules that have had the kind of personal attention and purposeful handling specifically designed to make them trusting, eager to please and obedient from the very first moment their saddle training begins.  

All that early work takes whatever the mule has naturally, and makes them into the best mule they can be.  And Scooby, here, has some pretty great raw materials to work with.  First, he  LOVES people!  When you go out in the pen to catch him, he will catch you first.  Whatever you’re doing, he wants to be a part of it.  He’ll follow you around, even after you’ve just pulled a wet saddle blanket - or three - off him.  His eagerness to please, his athleticism, his prize-winning bloodlines and the fact he’d rather work hard and be with people than have the day off all point to one conclusion - this boy enjoys his WORK!  (Read On)
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3 Year Old Missouri Fox Trotter Bred Mule
15.1 hand, sleek build

Superior gait, sure footed 3 year old - all wrapped up with LOTS of chrome!

Sammy is a “Legacy” here at Missouri Mule Co.  Born right here, he’s the latest of his full brothers and sisters to enter our saddle training program!  His dam, Cookie , and his sire, Missouri Traveler MyAss, are a winning team.  This cross has consistently produced the kind of mules we’re proud to call “home-grown.” For those of you that prefer mules like Sammy (whose background is a known quantity) feel free to check out our “Playpen” page, which explains in detail the training our young mules receive at birth. Playpen is the platform Sammy entered his trail training from.

Like all his siblings that have gone before him, Sammy has the quick mind, uncomplicated, business-like personality, and overall sanity that we’ve come to expect from his kin. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the perfect size and he’s good looking, too! On the ground, he’s everything you’d expect from one of our mules at this stage in his training. He’s kind, eager to please, loads well, leads and stands tied like an expert. Sammy stands 45 seconds minimum after mounting (safety 1st) He’s got a lot of “try” when faced with new situations both on the ground and under saddle, and is soft and responsive to the bit at all speeds. Under saddle, Sam has the comfortable, easy-to-find, ground-covering gait spread that makes riding gait seem effortless. No fussing around, fiddling with the bit, slowing, speeding up, or half-halts… just ask for gait, and there it is!  There are mules three times his age that don’t have the kind of gait consistency that he had on his very first ride.  
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Play Pen colts for sale

Most people who want to raise their own mule colt have a few things in common.  They value the lifetime relationship you can build with an equine,  they want to ride a mule whose background isn’t a mystery, and they have a do-it-yourself mentality that makes them trust their own skills and instincts.

We feel that if you start with the right raw materials - quality youngsters from proven producers of gait and temperament - and bring them up the right way, almost anyone can raise a youngster from weaning until it’s time to start them under saddle.

To this end, we’re offering up some of our select youngsters that would be suitable for people who want to raise their own mule.  Have a look around our “Playpen” -  If you find one you fall in love with, it would be in your best interest to speak up, fast!  From the amount of inquiries we’eve had asking for youngsters, they won’t stick around long.
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Whether you are 50 or 2500 miles away, our individualized "Mule Diaries" are regularly updated so you can meet each of our mules up-front and personal. Be sure to follow the links on this page into each mule's individual diary. By reviewing these "Saddle Mule Diaries" new owners in the USA, Canada and Europe have met and fell in love with their current trail companion. Via these diaries riders make a well-informed purchase facilitating their safe and happy trail riding and event participation.

Are you searching for safety, confidence and comfort in the saddle?
"You're getting closer"

Mount a MMCO gaited saddle mule and you will know what we mean. No other equine can give you the power, safety and comfort on a flat loamy bottom, or setting your hair on end sliding down a slippery mountainside. As we hand weave hybrid power, gait, agility, and soundness of mind, we have no desire to take any shortcuts. As a result, you will ride any terrain safely, including some shortcuts.


A Missouri Mule Co. (MMCO) mule puts you in absolute control of uncompromising hybrid power. But where is it written that a mule can’t also offer pure comfort? Not here. Just settle into the saddle. Feel the comfort of the relaxing gait. It is the result of intense observation, development and training. Gaited mules are comfortable for 20 miles a day, they also secure your safety during extreme riding conditions. Now relax. Enjoy the view from your "Safe Space" atop a MMCO mule. Now, go where you want. See what others don’t. Because you don’t have to stay on the beaten path anymore. Tear into the back country where few dare to go, see what they missed.

Upcoming Mules

I have several Fox trotter and Tennessee Walking horse mules that will be listed soon. I'm sure as you check back with the Missouri Mule Company site I can help you find a gaited mule that fits your personal requirements. Feel free to pick up the phone and give me a call anytime. My cell phone number is 417-766-5150.
The worlds legendary Missouri Mules have always had a highly esteemed reputation. That reputation was earned by applying its ability to help man compete and win on the battlefield or the cotton field. Man has utilized this hybrid from the time Solomon road David’s She Mule to be anointed king of the Israelites all the way to the settlement of the wild west and after that the mule traversed two world wars. As they assisted man, they won his heart and soul. Now, after decades of developing excellent gaited mares and fine jack stock you have the privilege of sitting atop the safest gaited trail mounts ever produced.

A hybrid we call the "Gaited Missouri Mule"

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