Amish Leather Tack and other training devices.

Custom made to fit your mule or horse.
The Amish know the meaning of utilization of the equine creation as our forefathers did. Their equines are utilized for every sort of power and mobilization imaginable.  For this reason the tack they make is attractive, functional, tough and takes daily work and abuse. All items are hand stitched and the power for their sewing machines comes from good old-fashion leg power.

I have several friends that are Amish.  I help them overcome the limits of their beliefs about photos and the use of electrical power (let alone a computer) by making available these fine works.  If you would like a unique piece of tack or gift for a friend, family member or yourself that will never quit being talked about or taken for granted, make a selection from these items.

Horse or Mule Size Bridles - Crown strap snap free for easy bridling. great for ear shy horse and mule.

Halter / Bridle combination


The ultimate Mule Hedstall>

It doesn't mater how desensitized your mule's or horse's ears are, they don't want them doubled up into a head stall designed for a horse. Bridling made easy is now available. 

Bridles are made from heavy harness leather Hand Stitched by foot powered Amish sewing machines.
All quality brass hardware

I cannot convey even with this photo the quality & weight of the leather.
The stitching is lovely. Even the throat latch is heavy harness leather and has a weighty brass buckle.
(Bit not included)

Click on photo to open printable measurement photo.

Click her for more photos of Bridle
Item A286 Hand Stitched Halter / Bridle Combo.

Select With or Without Medallions
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Size of Equine


Highest quality workmanship, leather and hardware combine to produce a piece of tack you can't buy in any western store.

Bridles are made from heavy harness leather Hand Stitched
Stainless Snaps

Item A276 Hand Stitched Bridle.

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Stainless hardware. 


On Ear ( snap on) Bridle

Bridle are made from heavy harness leather. 
Hand Stitched.
Brass Hardware.
Available with snap around ear Station for ear shy equine.
Crafted from heavy harness leather and stitched all the way around. Brass buckles. Wears like iron.

Select Color

Specify if the bridle is for a mule or horse. We will have the ear loop the correct diameter to fit your equine.

Mule medallion Bridle

This beautiful medallion headstal has to be ordered via a phone call. Call any time at 417.766.5150
Comes in natural harness leather, brown or black.

The medallions have mule profiles on them and are extremely striking


Item A876





Many mules have the agility and bad habit to roll their tongue over the bit. As soon as that tongue gets over the bit you loose direct control through the bit. Even if that doesn't happen, the mule becomes uncomfortable and that directly effects your mules performance.
Another critical situation is when a mule gets mad and opens his mouth, spits the bit out (not literally) and becomes a runaway.

Both the above situations are virtually stopped with the application of our caveson. Made from Bio Thane.
Click photo to enlarge.

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Split and Stitched Reins


These are my favorite rein.

Split Stitched Reins
5, 6 or 7 feet long. (please designate).
3/4" Split & Hand Stitched

The balance of these reins in the hand are wonderful.  I ride all day and these reins just lay in my hand needing no grip to keep them in place. I rode with a set of flat reins the other day and they felt like clubs.

Item A255 Hand Stitched Reins

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Stitched roper Rein

Stop! Photos are not quit a roper rein but here to see the quality. We take one side of these split reins and make a roper bit out of it. A roper rein is a single rein looping around the neck from bit to bit. Sorry for the confusion.

$52.00 (add $2.00 if you want snaps)

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Item A255 Roper Reins

Choke free Breast Collar

The perfect answer to those extended hauls up those steep mountains. Mules don't need to stop and blow as often as a horse. But, if you cut their wind off and starve their blood of oxygen, well, you lose. $139.00 (Specify size Medium or Small) Item # A500

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This piece of tack has an easy job most of the time, but I still wouldn't want that kind of work! This is the cheapest piece of insurance you will ever buy. Item # A505


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Britching or a crupper are required to outfit a mule correctly. Even when a saddle fits correctly one of these two pieces of tack keep it on the mules back and off his neck when momentum is moving it forward. Item # A560

Chain Weights

If your missing some swing in the back end. Or the front feet are not lifting up and out, this system could help your gaited mule find his gait.
The rule of thumb is "if he is smoother going down a moderate incline, weight him in the front. If he is smoother traveling up a incline, weight him in the back. Item A455 natural harness leather color only. Item # A570
$79.00 per pair



Training Mule Bit

Hypodermic Needle Bitt


Gaited Mule Bit (stainless)

Stainless steel bit for a gaited mule



Curb chain (stainless)

Stainless steel curb chain for equine


Curb strap (biothane)

Biothane curb strap.


Curb hooks (stainless)

Stainless steel curb hooks for equine








Orders are hand-made after being placed.  It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship via USPS Priority Mail.

All shipping is $8.85 unless the package is very large or very small.
For all leather items, specify color black, tucker brown or natural harness leather.

Pay Pal or Money Order payments only. Mail "Money Order" orders with exact item, size of equine and color requesting. Please include mailing address and cell phone number.

All shipping is $8.85 unless the package is very large.


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